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About ME.

I am Maria -a Wisconsin girl somewhere in my 30's who wants to share my life and my love for travel with all of you! I am happily married to my high school sweetheart-we have two kiddos and a dog. 

I have a degree in Education with minors in Math and English but have decided that isn't the career I want to pursue after-all.  I currently work in corporate America.


I have always loved to express myself creatively through writing and DIY projects. I also am a girl who loves to shop, especially on a budget.


I grew up traveling often with my family and we even lived in Germany during my teenage years. In 2020 I rediscovered my love of travel and found how much it fills my cup. I've decided to lean into that and travel as much as possible so that I can learn about new places, cultures, and do what truly makes me happy!

I hope you find inspiration from my blog and enjoy seeing my travels and what makes me, ME.

-Maria Elizabeth

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