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20 Things I learned in 2020

  1. How to function on 0 hours of sleep. Its no secret that Porter has been an awful sleeper from day one- I've just learned to deal.

  2. The importance of siblings- watching my babies become built in best friends has made my whole life worth it. (I also have loved up on my sibs a little more this year too- or at least I think I have!)

  3. Time moves faster every year. My Dad always told me this growing up but I never wanted to believe it.

  4. Do what makes you happy-You only get one life find your passion and run with it!

  5. How to travel solo with both of my babies (yes- we really did go on a trip in the middle of a global pandemic- call me crazy if you want!)

  6. Home is what you make it.

  7. The daily rat race of getting ready, packing up and running out of the house, daycare drop, and finally off and to work, then reverse at the end of the night is over rated.

  8. Family is truly everything. Quarantine earlier in the year was HARD. Love on your family before you can't any more.

  9. Drive up/curbside pickup is life- except for when they don't have what you want or need.

  10. Who matters the most- being intentional with people this year was huge for everyone. We spent time only with those closest to us💗 We learned to love our people and appreciate the little things with them. Things like Bachelorette nights with an abundance of sweets, family swims, drive through activities, Zoom calls, daily facetimes etc

  11. Working out can change your confidence and make you feel good about yourself- even if you only dedicate 10 minutes a day to it.

  12. Be open to change and embrace it when it is out of your control.

  13. Silence is golden. Especially when it means both kids are napping or you have the house to yourself!

  14. Laughter and sunshine are medicine. Sometimes its all you need to make it through your day.

  15. How to ask for help when I need it. I like to think I can do it all myself but the reality is I also need a break every once in a while too. I never have liked to ask for help but this year becoming a momma of 2 and being home with them AND working has made me realize I deserve and need breaks & help too- and it is okay. Breaks and help does not mean I am a bad mom or wife.

  16. Changes in scenery can make you feel new- even if you just move to another room in your house to do your days work (kidding... kinda). But in all seriousness.. change up your views, spaces, location- it does the body good.

  17. I am a dang good Mom. My sweet Leona tells me nightly "you are the best momma ever" and so does my darling hubby.

  18. The words to every Frozen II and Moana song.

  19. How to slow the heck down and appreciate the little moments in life. Don't get me wrong, I still love to go go gooo but sometimes the slow intimate moments can be missed if you are constantly racing around.

  20. Don't blink. Life is beautiful and complicated and messy and wonderful. It moves fast; live in the moment and enjoy every minute or you'll miss it and it will be gone forever.

In 2021 I vow to remember these things and embrace them even as the world begins to return to "normal". For how crummy we all think 2020 was, there was so much good that come of it too. I can't wait to continue to celebrate the little things, be intentional with my time, and love on my people.

2020 was the year we brought Porter boy into the world. It was a year we became a family of 4. A year that Leona became the best sister ever. It was a year we spent (too much) time together as a family and learned to love on each other through it all. It was a year of learning, a year of giving everyone grace. A year of celebrating the little things. 2020 was a year full of love. Like many probably, I am ready to say goodbye to 2020 but it certainly will be a year I remember forever.

Bring it on 2021!


Maria Elizabeth


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