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30 Things I've Learned in 30 Years

With my 30th birthday hours away, and the seemingly first "old" birthday I thought it would be fun to reflect on things I've learned throughout the years. While age is just a number 30 is the first time I don't feel young any more. I mean when I was in elementary school, I remember thinking 30 was pretty dang old 🤪.

Of course life is what you make it and I plan on continuing to enjoy and live my next 30, 60, 90... years. I want to keep filling my days with memories with the people I love after all thats what makes life amazing right? So here goes:

  1. Surround yourself with good people.

  2. Life is short, make it sweet.

  3. You are in the driver seat of your own happiness. If you don't like something change it.

  4. Bad/hard times never last.

  5. Love hard.

  6. Be honest with yourself. It's most important to be honest with yourself, you are the only person you have to truly please.

  7. Hard times, while really crappy in the moment, will help teach you something and better/strengthen your future. Learn from the bad to enjoy the good.

  8. Everything happens for a reason- I know so cliche but I truly believe it.

  9. Materialistic things don't matter, people do.

  10. Life is all about choices. Choose wisely.

  11. Babies don't keep- love them hard and cherish every second when they are itty bittys.

  12. You are never stuck. You can change directions/paths any time you please. Just because you make one decision does not mean it needs to be permanent.

  13. Do what you love. Life is short, so fill it with things you love.

  14. Work to live, do not live to work. Money is a necessary part of life obviously but if you let it work will consume your whole life.

  15. Family is what you make it. Blood doesn't make someone family, and blood family shouldn't always be put first if they don't deserve it. Find your people and make them your "family".

  16. Travel the world. It is good for your mind and soul.

  17. Your mindset is what your life will be. Positivity and happiness are contagious but so is the negative (sometimes even more so than the positive). You create your own space and mindset.

  18. Eat the darn sweets (or whatever your guilty snack is)!

  19. A good breakdown or cry session is totally necessary and normal from time to time.

  20. Not everything you read or see is true. Be your own detective to find out the truth about what is important to you.

  21. There is nothing wrong with saying "no" at a time where that is what you want to say.

  22. Self care whatever that looks like for you is SO important.

  23. Treat yo' self when the time presents itself and whatever that looks like for you. You deserve it!

  24. Wear the darn swimsuit or shorts. You may have insecurities but just know what no one else's opinions or thoughts matter. Your kids want to see you active in their lives and will not remember or care what you wore.

  25. Enjoy the little things in life (Weekend snuggles in bed, sunsets, time in the van with the kids, hugs for no reason, family meals...) They usually become the big things.

  26. Help others when you are able and speak up against things when you think it is right.

  27. Be unapologetically you. You were born to be different and stand out. How boring the world would be if we were all the same.

  28. Tomorrow is never guaranteed so live everyday like its your last. Say yes to experiences and fun times and fill each day with memories.

  29. Pick your battles. Not everything in your life, day, etc will be just as you want it. Choose what is most important to you in that moment and let the rest fall. This could be with cleaning, your home, your kids, behaviors, etc.


I try to be a very upbeat person and always look at the glass half full because there is almost always SOMETHING no matter how small to smile about in life.

I hope I can continue to embrace the life I have been given and cherish all the moments and times ahead. I want my life to be full of trips, passions, and memories laughing. I'm sure there will be many more life lessons ahead and I can't to see what else lies ahead for me.

Cheers to the next 30 years and more!!


Maria Elizabeth


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