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4th of July/Patriotic Apparel

I can never let a holiday go by without dressing myself and kiddos in festive apparel. The 4th of July holiday may be my favorite to dress for since nearly everyone in the country goes all out for it! I love seeing the patriotism and American pride.

Here are some pieces and inspiration for the whole family! Women, men, girls, and boys. I think the kiddos pieces are my favorite.

Target dollar spot also has some amazing finds right now for kids patriotic sunglasses for $1 each. I naturally got Leona two pairs since I couldn't decide which I liked best. Definitely check there if you happen to be out and about too!


Women's Stars tank- Amazon

Women's 'Merica Glasses tee- Amazon

Women's USA tee- Amazon

Men's Lincoln 'Murica tee- Amazon

Men's Flag tee- Amazon

Men's Hat- Amazon

Girl's Dress- Amazon

Girl's Flag shorts- Target

Girls Star top- Old Navy

Boys Flag/T-Rex tee- Amazon

Boys Plaid Button up- Target

Boys Color Block Tank- Old Navy

Star Glasses- Amazon

Tie Die Tank- Old Navy (already sold out)

White Jeans- Old Navy

Sandals- Walmart


Maria Elizabeth

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