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Apple Crisp Recipe

This is a classic that I make every single year. Usually I am so antsy and excited for this delicious recipe we make it the night we come home from apple picking. This year was no different and it was YUMMMY as ever!

I selfishly really love that Keith doesn't LOVE apple crisp like I do as it leaves more for me to enjoy. Leona on the other hand helped make it and now enjoys it just like her mama. Other than the fact that I almost cut a finger off every single year I really enjoy making it too. I will spare you the details but as I was cutting my last apple this year thinking to myself how I actually made it through without cutting myself for the first year ever, I was obviously not paying attention and got the entire tip of my finger. And every single year I tell myself I am going to buy an apple slicer and never do. This year I even went to Target the day before for that and that alone.. but Target happened and I walked out with tons of other goodies and no apple slicer. 🙃 Anywho....

There's something so refreshingly good about making something with fresh ingredients and that you picked or got yourself. Keep reading for directions on how to make the yummiest fall treat!

Hope you enjoy this one! Just make sure you cut safely! 😉

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Maria Elizabeth

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