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Book Review- "It Ends With Us"

I'm starting a new theme of posts on here after much encouragement and excitement about this idea over on my Instagram page. As a child I absolutely loved to read and I read A LOT. I got really interested in so many different series and thoroughly enjoyed it. As I got into middle and high school that love fizzled out and I honestly felt "uncool" to read (lame excuse- I know... but it was the truth). Not to mention there was always reading to be done for homework, studying, and relating to school work.

Over the last few years I have dabbled with it on and off again and always thoroughly enjoy reading when I actually have the time and also make sure I devote the time to it. On our last girls trip to Charleston, my girlfriend and I ended up not sitting next to each other on the plane and I got really invested in a good new book. I did not finish it on the plane but ensured I did when I got home. It was so nice to cozy up on the couch or in my bed with a book at the end of the night instead of mindlessly scrolling on my phone. It refreshed my love for reading and reminded myself that I really just need a good book in front of me to get going again.

So here it is the first (hopefully of many to come) book reviews on the LifeWithMe Blog!

First up- The book It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. I love a good romance novel and I could tell immediately that this was just that. It starts quick and is easy to jump into with a love story of a girl named Lily who finds herself quickly falling for a new love, Ryle. With so many quick twists and turns and new developments in her relationship she is also reliving her first love and first relationship and flips back and forth comparing the two romances.

Naturally, she crosses paths with her first love (Atlas) just after she marries Ryle. She also realizes that Ryle has become both physically and mentally abusive. She finds herself starting to make excuses for him and also at a crossroads. There is so much to both love and hate about both of these men whom she finds herself in love with/having loved.

With every twist and turn you think you know exactly her next move but every time, even up until the very end, you find yourself surprised with her next move. Her friendship with Ryle's sister is delicately woven throughout her story as well and Lily is portrayed as such a strong woman.

This book was just outstanding and it was very apparent that the author Colleen Hoover thought through how she wanted to portray this story of domestic violence. In my opinion it was very well written without getting too deep into it details and being so depressing but she still gets a strong message across. The book was a very easy read too and held my interest and engagement through out the entire book. I wish there was more... a sequel perhaps? Funny enough, days after finishing this book it was announced that. prequel is being written and released by Colleen Hoover and I can not wait to get my hands on that one.

If you're looking for a great, easy read, that is well written yet thoughtful, deep, and engaging this is definitely a must read for you! I give this book a 5 stars and would highly recommend it!

Let me know your thoughts if you have already loved this one! Yay or nay?

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Maria Elizabeth

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