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Camping Essentials Roundup

We are off for a weekend of camping with our family and my hubby's entire family. They are much more campers than I am but I do definitely enjoy camping once or twice a year. It is a way to slow down and just enjoy the company of those you are with. Lucky for me, when I camp with my husband's family there are campers involved so if needed I can have a respite from the elements! With that being said though we (my husband, kiddos, and I) have a tent and tent camp. Our exact tent is linked below.

These are the things that I think are truly essential for camping, along with food, some good beverages, music, and good company of course! Of course when you tent camp a good tent is a must. Make sure it has good reviews and is waterproof, just in case!! We've also always had an air mattress which makes things a bit more glamorous too. I would never be the type to camp without one 😉. Walmart has some super cheap basic ones which we got for Leona. We just splurged and got ourselves a new nice double tall one with a built in pump since our old one had a slow leak the last time we used it. (We have a vehicle that has an outlet in it, but remember if you don't you'll want a battery operated pump for your air mattresses)

Our other new investment is a Thermacell mosquito repeller. I will report back after this trip but my husband does a lot of research and between his buddies who fish and spend a lot of time outdoors and his research he said it is a must. Anything to help repel the bugs honestly- that is priceless!

Puggie pie makers and marshmallow roasting sticks round out my list. If you are not familiar with what a puggie pie is, it is essentially a fried sandwich (2 pieces of white bread) that you can fill with whatever you want! I love the sweets, apple or fruit filling or butter and cinnamon sugar but we've also done pizza toppings in them for dinners or lunches. You put them in the cast iron cookers and put directly in the coals and let them cook. They come out yummy, gooey, goodness!

So many people this week have told me that camping is some of their best or favorite memories growing up with their families. I hope to make some lifelong memories with our family this weekend!

Happy camping (or should I say glamping)!


Tent (8 person/2 room)- Amazon

Similar tent- Amazon (less expensive)

King Intex Air Mattress- Amazon

Twin Air Mattress- Walmart

Thermacell Mosquito Repeller- Amazon

Lanterns- Amazon

Puggie Pie Makers 2 pk- Amazon

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks- Amazon

Air Mattress Pump- Walmart

Cooler- Amazon

Bug Spray Family Pack- Costco

Fan- Amazon

Portable Charger- Amazon


Maria Elizabeth

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