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Crockpot Crack Chicken Recipe

This one is gooooood- I mean the kind of good that you just want to keep eating and eating. This recipe is not the healthiest option but its now awful and hey you can't eat healthy all the time. This recipe IS however easy and quick. This is a good option for a family meal too- even if your kiddos don't like chicken the rest of the flavors and ingredients really hide the chicken. Its a dump and go recipe and only has 5 ingredients so its great for setting up before you leave for work or in the afternoon quick if you know you won't have time to actually cook something.

People have been calling the combination of chicken, cream cheese, and ranch seasoning "crack chicken" for a while now because it is so addicting and you can not stop eating it. There are lots of variations on this recipe but I like to keep it simple and it is that good on its own! We ate it on buns initially and in a wrap as leftovers (lettuce wrap would work too for a lower carb option) but it would be great by itself or even as a dip. Seriously so many options. You will definitely enjoy this one!

Keep reading below for the full recipe details:

I hope you and you enjoy this one as much as my family does! As always would love to hear your thoughts if you try it!


Maria Elizabeth

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