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Easy & Quick Holiday Gift Idea

Every year I try to do something easy, quick, and simple to find and/or make for our neighbors. Last year I did an oven mitt, cookie mix and cookie cutters as a bundle for the families to make cookies together. Since our neighbors are young families, I know how precious those moments to have as a family. While it doesn't always have to be food surrounding gifts, they are the easiest and yummiest to put together (and funnest for the kids to enjoy!) Food gift baskets or jars are always a plus and the best part about jars or baskets is that they can be used afterwards in their homes for storage.

These otherwise seemingly understated gifts when put together are fun and more personal. The jar adds another fun touch as well and the ribbon pulls it all together. They are also very easy to make multiples of because many times the things you can buy for them are in larger quantity packaging.

This year I threw together a hot cocoa bar in a jar for each of our neighbors to enjoy as a family. The jars were affordable at Target but you can get these almost anywhere including World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, and even second hand stores like Goodwill. Keep reading for links to these exact and similar items that will arrive by Christmas! Next I threw in some, what were supposed to be holiday, to go cups with lids, then added some individual hot chocolate packets and fun toppings. Some ideas are (festive or regular!) marshmallows, stir spoons (found mine at Target again) and fun wafer peppermint stirrers.

The packaging on everything I bought was fun and added some nice festive color but you could always fill the bottom of your jar with colored tissue paper or filler to add more color and fun! Last up add a bow or ribbon of your choosing to the front and viola! You have an adorable themed gift.

These would be perfect for a neighbor, teacher, coworker, boss, or even a friend. There are so many other themes you could run with too to customize these to whomever you are gifting them too.

Here are some other ideas for themed jars/gifts I have:

  • A bar jar- use mini bottles of alcohol, fun drink napkins, and bar accessories

  • Cookie jar- throw in a mix or two, sprinkles, frosting, cookie cutters or any other fun baking accessories like hot pads...

  • Movie Jar- add a DVD or movie gift card, popcorn, fun popcorn containers or bags, movie candy, etc

  • Grill Master Jar- add some seasonings like pork rub or Montreal steak seasoning, a pair of grill gloves, or meat shredders, a kitchen towel, meat thermometer, etc

  • Spa in a Jar- add bath bombs or bath salts, a loofah, bath pillow, magazine, nice lotion, candle, and maybe even a pair of slippers, etc

  • Office/Classroom Jar- throw in some really nice pens, fun post-its, white out, fun stickers or paperclips, etc, have fun with this one (there are so many fun goodies in the stationary aisles at the stores now...)

  • Recipe in a jar- This would be a great gift for a new mom too. Find a recipe like soup or chilli that has mostly canned or dry ingredients and put it all in a jar with a cute ribbon. Again so easy but fun and thoughtful

I have seen these done in mason jars in the past too, again depends on the scale and size of what you are doing or adding to the jar but this would be so fun for nearly anyone on your list!

Which one would you most like to receive?


Stir Spoons here & similar here and here (Amazon)

Peppermint wafer cookie stirrers here

To go cups here

Marshmallows here & similar here

**Most of these links are still stocked and will arrive by Christmas! OR you and be like me and do a Target Drive up or Walmart pickup order to make life easier for you!

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