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Father's Day Gift Guide

It's hard to believe Father's Day is right around the corner. Sometimes Dads can be so hard to buy for and sometimes it is easy peasy! This year I already had Keith's gift so he helped me put this together. Weather your Dad or husband likes to grill, drink, listen to music or just look like he's living his best Dad life, there is something for everyone on this list. And even better, everything (with the exception of the Blackstone) is under $40!

We have the headphones and LOVE them. They are comparable to much more expensive ones. Keith also got the tee for his very first Father's Day and he has worn it and loved it ever since. It is a funny and sweet way to say thanks for being the best. I have Brumates and use them all the time, so why not give Dad the gift of a cold drink. Any Mom out there knows how much time Dad's spend in the bathroom so why not be funny and give them the nice reminder of just how much time they are "allowed" 😉. HAHA its good to have humor in your life ammiright? Lastly, Keith said he really wanted a Blackstone for at home. In my research I found this portable one which you could take camping or to tailgates too making its super versatile.

Anywho, the day isn't always about the gifts just spend time with the Dad's in your life and thank them for raising kiddos and being involved. If you were struggling with gift ideas though, I hope this was helpful!

Father's Day is June 20th!


Blackstone Grill $117.22

Whisky Stone Bullets $23.97 with $5 coupon right now

Dad Grill Utensil Set $30.99

Toilet Timer $14.99

Sport Earphones $23.99

Wood Sunglasses $39.99

World's Best Farter Shirt $16.95

Brumate Can Cooler $19.99


Maria Elizabeth

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