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Fixing a Broken Button on Your Favorite Jeans

I know you've been there with me in this one. You have a pair of jeans you absolutely love but you find yourself on a jam when a button comes off (of course while you're out!) This happened to me recently and I was determined to fix them.

To my surprise this is a 5 minute and EASY fix! Keep reading for a quick tutorial and how to do this when this happens to you in the future. First supplies... The list is minimal but you need thread and a needle, new buttons (I got mine at Hobby Lobby but you can find them anywhere that sells sewing supplies), a scissors, and a hammer or pliers. If you're like me and struggle with hand strength then find your hubby or partner like I did to help secure the new button. 🤪

Here's how it started:

You can see where the hole is in the top where the original button was. First things first make sure you get any pieces of the old button out. Mine was already emptied out so this was not an issue for me. Next step is to sew the hole up so that your jeans will not continue to rip open. This can be done with a few simple stitches... If you can not sew or sew well you can still do this part, I promise. I opted to go heavy on stitches but honestly it was overkill. It should look something like this when you are done with sewing up the hole. You can see that I used grey thread (thats all I had and it doesn't matter a ton since you wont be able to see it much if you are putting the button in the same spot.

Lastly, the new button comes in two pieces- a tack and the button cap itself. Insert the tack in the inside/backside of the jeans, and then place the button cap face down on a firm surface on the frontside/visible side of your jeans and use a hammer to firmly hit and secure them together. I tried this and struggled. It could have been user error and my lack of hand strength or it could have been the buttons were not high quality buttons... but either way I recruited my sweet husband to help me and he opted to use a pliers to squeeze everything together rather than a hammer. This worked incredibly well for him and I probably could have done this myself had I thought of it.

Either way you secure it, make sure to protect the surface of the button as you will see this once you have the jeans on. I used the hem of the jeans but you could easily use a washcloth, towel or teeshirt as well.

Bam! Done! Your jeans are good as new with a functioning button in under 5 minutes... okay maybe 10 and under $5. Here's the final product.


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Maria Elizabeth

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