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Ham & Cheese Sliders Recipe

Every time I have to make a list and go grocery shopping, I find myself scouring Pinterest for tasty ideas and inspiration. Many years ago this is one of the goodies that I found. I try to work it into our Summer dinner list rotation because they are so quick, easy and family friendly. Even better there are only a few ingredients. Over the years I have adapted this recipe from the original I found based on what we have in our pantry/refrigerator at the the time. This is the best version I have made though.

Keep reading for another EASY and family friendly recipe that is perfect for Summertime dinners or parties. These mini sliders are so yummy and a huge hit for everyone-including the kiddos in our house. They would be perfect to make for a party as an appetizer or an additional filling finger food. You could also make variations (turkey, other cheeses, etc) of this to add a variety of food to the party.

This recipe makes 12 sliders, most people will eat about 2. You could really add anything else that you'd like into the sliders as well to jazz them up, bacon, jalepenos, etc. I also usually use swiss cheese but you could change this up. (As you see in my pictures above we changed it up half way though as Miss Leona asked for "yellow cheese" instead of "white cheese"). The versatility makes it highly customizable to your family!

Hope you enjoy this yummy recipe!


Maria Elizabeth



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