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Holiday Gift Guides 2021

With all of the Black Friday deals already starting this year, I wanted to get my gift guides out with plenty of time for you all to shop the sales! There are always so many good deals this year but I also know that not everyone can afford something fancy for another person in their life. I am not sharing these to say that anyone needs a gift. Rather I am sharing them as ideas for people who know they can afford something and need some inspiration. We are all at different places financially and I get and respect that. The holidays after all are about celebrating and spending time together with family and friends and just enjoying life. No one needs a fancy new gift or expensive new electronic- myself included. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle that we forget to actually enjoy the gift of those around the tree or table.

This is your pause and reminder to celebrate and love you people hard this year!

Here are some gift ideas for close to $0:

  • The gift of time- set up time with someone you love or who may be lonely. Take a picnic to a park, enjoy outdoor lights, or go ice skating!

  • Pay it forward- Do something nice for someone else.- Help an elderly person who you may see struggling to their car, smile at someone (you never know who's having a bad day), buy someone's coffee in the line behind you,...)

  • Make a home made gift- Most likely you already have craft supplies at home. Make someone a gift from the heart; a painting, a card, a sculpture, a watercolor, a sketch, etc

  • Regift something in your home you no longer use. This both saves waste and allows someone to get something new!

  • Buy a toy or something small for a giving tree in your local community, hospital or church.

These are all toys that my kiddos have been strangely obsessed with over the years. We personally own every one of these toys and they have kept my 4 year old and 1 year old busy for hours at a time. Mama's you know this is a rare treat. Passing along these gems in hopes that your babies also sit nicely and play for you too!

While I do not have kids this age, these are things that are trending for older kiddos and teens. Some of these things I even want for myself! 😉

Like with all of the toddler goodies there are almost all things that I already own and highly recommend! If I don't already own them then chances are they are on my list for myself this year! Hint Hint. Several of these items are currently on sale right now as well!

While I do not own or enjoy many of these things they are mostly all things my husband owns and loves. The oak barrel was such a fun gift that he got last year! He ages his own liquor in there and it can be customized on the front. Also, I don't know what it is but the men in my family always enjoy some fun socks- how funny is this set!

Again I no one needs any of this but for those of you struggling with ideas I hope you found some here! As mentioned above the bulk of my gift guides are things that my family all has and really loves- that was important to me because I never want to recommend gifts that are not practical or will not be appreciated. I believe there is something for everyone on these guides so I hope they are useful to you and your families/friends.

If you need more inspiration, shop all my looks through the affiliate links on my LTK account here!

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Happy holiday Season!


Maria Elizabeth

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