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Kids Christmas Coupe Photos- DIY

If you guys know anything about me by now its that my love for Christmas and the entire holiday season runs DEEP. There is nothing quite like it in my mind. The lights, the feeling in the air, the music, time with family, and making the Christmas magic come alive for my kiddos just makes me happy. Read my reflections on this Christmas/holiday season and check out this year's family Christmas pictures here.

Every year since my babies have been born, I have done a fun Christmas mini photoshoot of my own. We have also gotten family pictures done a time or two and to me they are just beautiful. They remind me of happy times and pictures truly capture the essence of who my kids are in the moment and freeze that moment in time.

Last year I did a Christmas Pajama mini session at home and they turned out perfect! See the full blog post here with all of my tips and tricks to capturing your littles in fun Christmas themed jammies. I've also done fun photos with lights for both babies and they are some of my favorite images of them ever.

This year I wanted to capture Porter (and Sis) in the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe- as it is one of their favorite toys ever- they both still fight over it when we are outside playing- decked out in Christmas gear. IYKYK.. the ever famous coupe picture with the little kiddo hauling a Christmas tree.

We had the coupe as most families with kiddos do so all I needed was a great back drop, the tree I bough for Leona this year from Walmart was the perfect size (we used just the top portion), and rope. This cost me $0 to do. Thank you L for letting me un-decorate your tree for this shoot 😉. Keep reading for some tips to make this picture come to life.

Tips for capturing Christmas Coupe Photos:

1 . LOTS of natural indirect light. We did these one a day outside where the sun was shining. It is not ideal to have your kiddo in direct sunlight as with any photo it creates an imperfect picture when the lighting is off. An overcast day would work too since there is no sun but still daylight.

2 . If you have an Iphone use portrait mode! This really keeps the focus of the picture on your kiddo rather than the background.

3 . Speaking of the background... my first thought was to find some pine trees and use that as a backdrop but I quickly realized that made the tree on top of the car disappear. We moved locations a few times in our yard.

4 . I let the kiddos play and just be them. They took turns pushing it and that also made for some really cute pictures. There was even a failed attempt to both get into the cozy coup but with all the bulk of the winter gear, they were unable to manage- HA.

5 . Snap away. I wayyyy over shoot this but its way easier to delete than to re-bundle up and recapture new images.

6 . Have fun with accessories. We did this on a whim but it would be so cute to have the kiddos in a Santa hat or have lights hanging from the coupe, a wreath on the front, etc. Play around and make them your own!

7 . Enjoy and let your kiddos lead the shoot and have fun with it too. You can say things to encourage them to look or smile, even point off in the distance too if you want!

Gosh I just love how these turned out! The cutest Christmas picture memory added to the book for us! I would love to see these if you try them!


Cozy Coupe gas Pump (not pictured but fun!)

4ft pre lit Christmas tree - perfect to use in a kids room too!

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