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Lets Rock! Rockstar Theme Birthday Party

We had the absolute best time this weekend celebrating our big 4 year old girl. It seems like just yesterday she was born but as I look back she has learned and grown so much, even in the last year. Miss Leona truly is not a little toddler anymore she is now a big school aged child.


When we started planning for her party I asked her what theme she wanted and she said she didn't know. She is a music loving gal and really loves all genres of music! Highlights include country music, especially Chris Lane, Disney movie soundtracks, including Frozen, Moana, and The Greatest Showman, and rock music, including Disturbed, Volbeat, and Pantera. One of her favorite things to do with her Daddy when I am not around (I do not music that is heavy and anything that has heavy angry screaming) is to listen to rock music and "rock out" as she calls it. One day I got home from the store and they were rocking out rock horns and all and were so excited to tell me they decided her them would be "Lets Rock/Rockstar". It fit her perfectly! We even got to work on a playlist that had all of her favorite songs on it to play during the party!

Again, like I did with Porter's 1st birthday party (full details here) I made her invitations. I saw blacks and metalic colors instantly when Keith and Leona came to me with her theme and they liked it so I ran with it. Using Canva I got to work crafting a simple design including stars, a guitar at Leona's request, rock hand/horn, and a microphone. This set the stage for the rest of her day!

The Food:

Unlike for the last parties we have had for both Leona and others where we decided the menu we wanted to make this party all about her. I asked her what she wanted to eat and she said Mac and Cheese. Keith and I ran with that and had a full mac and cheese bar with home made mac both oven baked and smoked and toppings of all kinds! The tent cards for the food, I also made in Canva using the same images from her invitations. We got real creative and used band names to label the food. Here is a quick rundown of the day's menu:

  • Fleetwood Mac and Cheese

  • ZZ Topp-ings

  • Salt-n-Pepa

  • Fruity and the Blowfish

  • KC and the Sun Chips Band

  • Five Finger Death Punch

  • Cake

As usual one of my favorite things is making each kiddo their birthday cake annually. This year was no different. We usually find some inspiration on Pinterest and then run with it and change things up as we want or go along. This one turned out stunning! It was a 6 inch two tiered chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. Leona's one request was that it had a guitar on top. After much digging we found a Christmas ornament on Amazon that I turned into a cake topper and will now have to hang on our tree for years to come. The guitar was the focal point but we also added chocolate chip studs around the base and a chocolate drizzle around the top rim and edges. I also added gold star candles to jazz it up and it was truly a stunner. Every cake I do is my favorite and this one was no different! 😉

The cake pops I did for Porter's 1st birthday were such a hit I wanted to do some again for our Rockstar bash. This time I planned them though and make them mini microphones to fit the theme. They were so easy and fun to do! Full recipe and details coming to another post soon! Leona chose pink chocolate for the coating which I wouldn't have but at 4 years old its not worth the battle. They turned out pretty dang cute- pink chocolate and all.

The Decor:

This is where the magic happens and the whole party is brought together. As usual my tips are check Amazon and the Dollar Store first before anything. Table clothes napkins, plates, silverware and other decor is only, you guessed it, $1 at the Dollar store. This time, we also found a black and gold happy birthday banner there, gold round hanging decor, the gold "4" balloon, and a couple party favors there.

The bulk of my fun decor is from Amazon. I can't get enough of the balloon garlands for parties. For usually around $10-$15 and an hour of your time you can make these using easy kits on Amazon. They come in just about every color scheme you can think of and are not nearly as daunting as I once thought. What a wow factor! I also wanted to continue to incorporate stars, like on the top of her cake, so I bought a strand of silver star garland that I can reuse for other parties to come. Other Amazon decor items seen include the music note balloons, mini inflatable guitars (which I displayed and added the kiddos treat bags) and of course our gift to Leona which was the highlight of the party for the kiddos, her new bounce house.

All of my decor for this rockstar party including the treat bags and party favors for the kiddos came to under $35. You can't beat those prices! My last fun tip for decor that my cousin taught me years ago is to include somewhere a framed copy of the invitation. It is such a nice personalized touch!


The last fun detail before I quit rambling was our tees (see first picture). What a better way to dress than to sport some fun graphic band tees that are oh so popular right now. Porter already had his Johnny Cash tee and I already had my Def Leopard tee. All that was left was to get Keith and Leona tees. Keith's tee of choice was Metalica and Leona after being presented with a handful of choices chose a tee that had the rock hand/horns and simply said ROCK! It couldn't have been more fitting for our little music loving Rockstar.

We had the best time celebrating Miss Leona with our family and friends. The weather was perfect for a Wisconsin spring day, the sun was shining, and we enjoyed the company of those we love. Happy 4th birthday to my spunky, energetic, crazy, beautiful, funny and one of a kind gal.

Outfit Details & Links:

My Def Leopard Tee- Target

Keith's Metalica Tee- Kohl's

Porter's Johnny Cash Toddler Tee- Target

Leona's ROCK Tee- Amazon

Balloon Garland- Amazon

Silver Star Garland- Amazon

Music Note Balloons (10 pk)- Amazon

Mini Inflatable Guitars (18 pk)- Amazon

Table Cloths, Happy Birthday Banner, Gold circles (fireplace), necklaces, and "4" balloon all from Dollar Tree and not linkable

Cake Topper Guitar- Amazon

Gold Star candles- Meijer but similar here

Bounce House- Amazon

I hope this inspired you to throw your own fun Rockstar bash!


Maria Elizabeth

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