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Nashville, TN - A Girls Weekend Trip

In May some girls and I spent the weekend in Nashville for one of my friends birthdays and let me tell you- I get the Nashville hype now. We drank and ate and laughed and listened to amazing music all weekend long!!! My kids and I traveled to Nashville a few years ago and while we loved that trip too it was a very different side of Nashville (read all about what we did here). This was very girlie and fun and just what Momma needed! Keep reading to see our itinerary, what we did, and suggestions for any type of girls trip or bachelorette party to Nashville!

Graduate Hotel Lobby, Broadway from Above at Honky Tonk Central, Amelia's Flower Truck

Any who- we flew Southwest from MKE to BNA. When we arrived we hopped into Ubers to our AirbNb. We used Ubers and Lyfts all weekend and always felt taken care of, safe, and found the city extremely easy to get around that way. The drivers were always so kind and most of them loved chatting with us too!

Where we stayed:

One of our friends hubby's helped us and book this location and it honestly couldn't have worked out better. It was about 1 mile to Broadway located in the Germantown neighborhood. While this isn't a bad area of town it is diverse and a local said to just stick with a buddy and always know where you are. I am always too trusting of people and places and want to believe the best of everyone but I can say I never felt unsafe- it is a large city after all. The AirBnB itself was clean and perfect for what we needed with 4 bedrooms, a large kitchen and living space, a third story loft/second hang out space/flex more sleeping space and a rooftop deck with a gas fire pit that overlooked the city's skyline. There was plenty of space for everyone and the decor was modern and chic.

Link to the AirBnB property here: AirBnB Rooftop Paradise- 1 Mile to Broadway

My bedroom at the AirBnB complete with a chic modern velvet headboard

What we did:

Arrival Day 1-

  • Lunch at the Germantown Pub

    • Food was very good- walkable from the AirBnB we stayed in

  • Dolly Parton's White Limozeen rooftop bar

    • This is located on the roof of the Graduate Hotel. The drinks were pricey but well worth it to see the cute girly rooftop bar- its an experience. You can eat here too we didn't but I've read good things about the food- just make sure to make a reservation for food.

White Limozeen Dolly Statue, Drinks, Rooftop, and Graduate Hotel Lobby

  • Appetizers at The Row Kitchen and Pub

    • Food was very good- BBQ seemed to be popular and also very good- this was just around the corner from the Graduate Hotel/White Limozeen

  • Honky Tonk Central

    • An iconic Broadway honky tonk. Fun vibes- we were here a weekday afternoon and it wasn't too crowded. Plenty of room to walk around- we got a table right along the balcony overlooking Broadway. There was some prime people watching happening here.

  • Tootsies Orchid Lounge

    • Probably a trip favorite. Some of us may have went a little too hard here. Drinks were good, prices were decent, we spent a good amount of time here on the second story with a very fun band. We were able to make song requests and dance some too. Again we were here on a weekday evening but we did get a table and then moved to seats at the bar.

  • Assembly Food Hall

    • This is where we had dinner the first night. We were all having so much fun on Broadway and really enjoying our evening. This was a great alternative to a sit down dinner. Think mall food court but WAY better. There were tons of food options (pretty much anything you can think of from poke bowls, to burgers, to salads, to fast food...) It was nice to not leave Broadway but also all be able to get whatever we individually wanted to eat.

Day 2-

  • Biscuit Love-the Gulch

    • AMAZING! Well worth the hype. Don't let the line intimidate you. They are a well oiled machine and it goes very fast. You wait in line, order your food and then are seated. Lots of tables and availability for different group sizes! Food was 10/10.

Biscuit Love line outside & array of biscuits

  • Shopped in The Gulch and What Gives You Wings Mural

  • Shopped 12 South and saw murals

  • Frothy Monkey-12 South

    • A delicious coffee break!

  • Nashville Sounds Baseball Game

    • This was a great experience! If you are looking for something to do thats not "Nashville" or centered around drinking this is it. The stadium is a great place with tons of activities inside (mini golf, table tennis, lounge areas, etc!) This is a minor league AAA baseball team that is a feeder team for the Milwaukee Brewers. It was fun to see prospects who may be coming to our team or there is always the potential to see a major league player passing through post injury! One thing to note is they have VERY STRICT clear bag/ small purse policy. This is a huge issue for most and they have a small box you have to be able to put your purse into. If it doesn't fit you're out of luck. Tickets are very affordable!!

First Horizon Park- home of the Nashville Sounds

  • Hung at the Airbnb- roof top fire

Day 3-

  • Brunch at Liberty Common

    • A darling environment with delish food and drinks! Very trendy and good. I definitely recommend making reservations, especially on the weekends.

Liberty Commons Restaurant & table details with a delicious drink

  • Line Dancing Class with New Boots Nashville

    • Another experience that I highly recommend. They have a flat rate fee for groups of up to 30 people that covers the cost of the instructor, hour dance lesson, a video edited of your group dancing, and they come to you or they have a studio. We opted for them to come to our AirbNb and it was a great girls trip activity that I thought was very reasonably priced. They had great communication and were prompt and engaging. We got to pick our music too and just laughed and had fun!

  • Whiskey River Saloon

  • Dinner at FGL House

    • Food was good- nothing spectacular but it was a Friday night and we didn't have reservations and didn't want to wait anywhere. Of course there was live music and he was great engaging the crowd!

  • Broadway at night

    • THIS. It's quite the experience on a weekend. The streets get shut down there are SO many people everywhere. The lines to get into the bars and honky tonks are insanely long. However it is SO much fun!! Most people only think of Broadway when they think of Nashville so I think you have to experience it. But being there both on a week night and a weekend night the experience is way more enjoyable during the week but way more fun on the weekends as long as you don't mind crowds.

Broadway from above just after dark from Luke's

  • Luke's

    • Another favorite stop of the trip! Everyone had a good time here. We really explored every level of his bar and listened to all of the different bands on each level. The very top is more of a club environment with no live music but rather a DJ so that was fun to hang up there for a bit too!

Luke's 2nd story Rooftop

  • Printer's Alley

    • If you want the bar/night scene environment but less crowded and less trendy music= more of a focus on blues, piano type music, etc then this is a must! It is an actual alley way that dates back to the 1900s. What started as actual printers and bank locations turned into a night club district in the 1940s. When the night club era of Printer's Alley first started sale of alcohol was illegal in Nashville so they were set up to be speakeasies. Today, it is a total tourist spot but showcases a different side to Nashville music with cobblestone streets and still has many of the speakeasy style entries, bars, passageways, etc. It's a lesser known area so still far less people than out on Broadway.

Printer's Alley Entry

  • Dirty Little Secret

    • A speakeasy style club that I'm sure gets busier and better in the late hours of the night but we were there early and denied entry (for no reason) but finally had someone walk us in and it was lame. No one was dancing, hardly anyone was there... I'd say it was promising but our experience proved to be lame. It was recommend to us by a local Uber driver though so we figured we'd check it out.

  • The Big Bang

    • One of my favorites from the trip and Printer's Alley. This was a dueling piano bar and the vibes were great. They take requests and had great crowd engagement. The musicians were very talented and knew how to keep their audience engaged and dancing/singing along. This was a much smaller space and crowd and it was just a blast to see this side of Nashville.

This trip was so memorable and fun and I am already counting down the days until we plan another Nashville trip. The city is amazing full of so many fun places, experiences, and aspiring musicians everywhere. If you like music, Nashville is a must visit city!

What I Wore:

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Maria Elizabeth

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