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Resort & Swim Wear Roundup

Spring break is right around the corner and I am missing the beach. Last year I was spoiled and got to go to Mexico twice and I've gotta say, a girl could get used to that 😉. There is something so perfect and calming about the beach and some good vitamin sea. I feel like the beach is just good for the soul. I am looking forward to our beach trip this summer- and we are taking the kiddos which I know they will love it! It's been a while since they have been at a good beach.

Anywho, I am not going to beach this spring break but I am taking the kids on a road trip to St. Louis and I am really looking forward to that! I know many people do travel to a warm destination or a beach this time of year. Some of you may want some inspo for new swimwear and resort wear. These are some of my favorite pieces I found and wore over my last two big beach trips. Read full blog posts on where we stayed and a review of my trips here & here. Nearly everything below is from Amazon but regardless all items are linked below each picture/group of pictures.

In other news- let this be your reminder to wear the suit. Tomorrow is never promised and if you're going to the beach no one cares what you're wearing or what you look like other than yourself. We put so much pressure on ourselves and it is not right or rational. Wear the suit, enjoy your trip!

Two Piece Suit - Earrings( similar) - Hat

Shop all my looks through the affiliate links on my LTK account here or by taking a screenshot of any image watermarked with the LTK logo and opening it in the app!

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Maria Elizabeth

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