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Spring Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Family photos can be so stressful trying to make sure everyone is pulled together in the right outfits and keeps their faces in good shape (kidding... well kinda) leading up to the day. I simply love pulling outfits together though and think it is so much fun. Because of this I am so excited to share with you all some ideas as well as tips and things that I generally think through when planning outfits.

Family Photo Outfit Planning Tips:

  1. Think about and consider your background, especially the colors of your background. You want to make sure that you don't have clashing colors or patterns with the location of the pictures. Colors should compliment the location and should never compete with the background.

  2. Pick the outfit you care about the most first then base the other outfits around it. I would imagine that generally speaking this is your own outfit. You want to love and feel confident in your look. There may be times where this isn't the case though. For example you might use a milestone session to squeeze in a couple family photos as well. In this case you may want to choose your little one's outfit first since there will be more images of them alone in it as well.

  3. Keep patterns to a minimum. Generally speaking I pick one outfit of the bunch to have a pattern and the rest more subtle. You can select patterns that compliment each other sometimes but I would not suggest more than 2 patterns.

  4. Do not worry about matching perfectly. Coordinate patterns, colors, and neutrals instead. Pick a couple colors from your patterned piece for others to wear.

  5. Try not to bring together too many colors. You want outfits to be unique from one another yet you also do not want them to all be the same. Find that sweet spot in the middle where they coordinate and use neutrals to fill in the gaps.

  6. When in doubt head into a store to layout pieces together. Sometimes shopping online is great, other times it is easier to shop in person to see how pieces look and play together.

  7. Always try on your outfits prior to the day to ensure they fit and look the way you anticipate. I can not tell you how devastating it is to get all set and then not like the way someone looks or feels in their clothes.

  8. Think about accessories and shoes too and try to keep those within your color palette as well!

  9. A lesser important thing to think about (and you may not care at all) is where you are going to hang these images in your home and how it will look within that space.

Couple other things to mention that I find helpful.

  • Old Navy has TONS of pieces that compliment and coordinate.

  • Target also has great coordinating pieces, especially fo the kids.

  • Amazon pieces, as we all know, can be really hit or miss.

  • Never buy a piece that you won't wear again after pictures. Pick something that you will get more use out of than a 30 minute family photo session.

Outfit Details:

Boys Button Up- Amazon

Boys Shorts- Amazon

Boys Shoes- Amazon

Womens Dress- Amazon

Womens Shoes- Amazon

Mens Chambray Button up- Amazon

Mens Shorts- Amazon

Mens Shoes- Amazon

Girls Dress- Amazon

Girls Denim Jacket- Amazon

Girls Shoes- Amazon

Outfit Details:

Womens Top- Amazon

Womens Jeans- Amazon

Womens Shoes- Amazon

Boys Jacket- Amazon

Boys Top- Amazon

Boys Pants- Amazon

Boys Shoes- Amazon

Mens Top- Amazon

Mens Jeans- Amazon

Mens Shoes- Amazon

Girl Romper- Amazon

Girls Sweater- Amazon

Girls Shoes- Amazon

I hope this is helpful to all of you. Just enjoy the process and experience. Sometimes when things don't go as planned it makes the best most accurate pictures of your daily life. Enjoy the moments with your family rather than stress!


Maria Elizabeth



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