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Spring/Summer Kids Old Navy Haul

This one is for all you mamas out there! I just got a huge order in from Old Navy. They had an amazing kids sale going on last week and its the first time both of my kiddos are in need of a full wardrobe for the next season. Up until this point in their lives we have had hand-me-down or gifted clothes for some portion of their closets each season. We are so thankful for that but I was nervous about shopping for them both and having to spend a fortune.

Thankfully Old Navy has the best sales and I was able to secure a big portion of their Spring and Summer wardrobes during their last sale. One thing that I love about Old Navy too is that they do Super Cash. For those of you not familiar, when you spend money during various times they give you certain dollar amounts of Super Cash (the amount you earn varies based on your spend). Once you earn it they limit the days you can redeem it but they advertise the days well in advance. When you are ready to redeem it, you essentially get 40% off if you spend near a $25 increment. I say that because for every $25 you spend you can redeem $10 of Super Cash (as long as you earned that amount). So if you spend as close to $25, $50, etc that you can you get $10, $20, etc off using your Super Cash it equates to about 40% off an you can use your Super Cash on anything.

Long story short I went a little crazy for the kids, after all Old Navy is one of my favorite places to find clothes for them. I just love how cute, on trend, and perfect their pieces are for kids! Keep reading to see all of the pieces I got!

See what I ordered for Leona below. She is at the age where she is getting to be vocal about what she wants to wear so I try to give her choices that I am happy with regardless and let her pick. Overall I think she did a great job picking these pieces. She has a ton of shorts that will fit her from last year still so I didn't get any for her and I did do some minor shopping at other stores for her but this gives her a good start!


See what I ordered for Porter below. He also thinks hes picky about what he wants to wear. He loves dinosaurs still so it is cute to see him want everything dino but I also love some basics and neutrals for little boys. I made some choices and let him pick a couple things. (Note the banana shirt he picked, HA!) I also ordered him shorts from Walmart (they were a better deal the day I ordered) but Old Navy has a huge selection of shorts as well.


Most of these items come in several colors or patterns too so if the you like the style but not the print/color check the links to see if there is another color or print you do like! If you need Spring kids inspo or have Super Cash to spend you have until Sunday March 6th!

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Maria Elizabeth

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