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St Patrick's Day Shamrock Pretzels

I love making fun crafts and food for the holidays, even the little ones, to really make it special for my kiddos. This year I was looking for inspiration on what to do scanning Pinterest and there were so many cute Ideas! I was wanted to share with you all how to make a kids candy charcuterie board but I though that they didn't really need ALL that sugar. And whatever they didn't eat I would end up eating. So I opted to change it up last minute to something smaller and somewhat less sugary.

These shamrock pretzels are so fun! There were SO many fun variations of these online. I started making them and of course my white chocolate didn't melt as nicely as I hoped. If you know what I mean it isn't fun when your chocolate just right. Too watery and you have a mess, too thick and its to hard to rid the excess chocolate when you dip it in. Because of this I opted to also try some chocolate ones with green sprinkles and boy did they turn out cute!

If you are still in need of a sweet St. Patrick's Day treat here is the perfect option. They were super quick and easy to do and I can not wait to send them to daycare tomorrow with the kiddos. This treat is something fun for you to make with your little one OR something festive for them to share with their friends at school or daycare to celebrate a little.

These are only 3 ingredients too. Quick, easy, delicious, and festive- you can't go wrong with that!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. Hope your day is full of luck and shenanigans 😀!


Maria Elizabeth

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