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Styling a Jean Jacket for Spring

I know it doesn't look like spring yet here but it is not too far out! Spring is jean jacket weather! I love that you can style a jean jacket a million different ways, dressy or casual or somewhere in between. The options are limitless! Check out my top 10 recommendations and looks featuring a jean jacket.

1- Throw it over your favorite dress. Add some cute sneakers or sandals and you have the perfect spring brunch outfit.

2- Throw it over your favorite romper and again add sandals or even wedges to dress it up!

3- Throw it on over a striped shirt or blouse and add some colored pants for a fun flair.

4- Throw it over a white tee and add your favorite leggings (as seen below), add sneakers or sandals and you have a super comfy look.

5- Throw it over your favorite tee and add some joggers and sneakers, maybe even a baseball hat and you have a super cute but comfy spring outfit. (see below)

6- To really make you feel like spring and one of the more dressier options, throw it on over a tee or blouse with some white jeans and sandals or mules (again as seen here).

7- Throw it on over any travel outfit- I ALWAYS travel with my jean jacket since it is so versatile. If you get warm while traveling you can always tie it around your waist or bag as well!

8- Throw it on over a matching lounge set, or even tie it around your waist. Add sneakers and you are golden. Casual, cute, effortless look.

9- For those cooler spring days, throw it on over a sweater and add a pair of distressed black jeans, mules, sandals or sneakers.

10- For those warmer spring days, throw it on over your favorite tee and pair it with a pair of paper bag style shorts. Add sandals and again an easy fashionable look.

These are 10 of my favorite ways to rock my beloved jean jacket during the spring. Whats your favorite!?

xoxo Maria Elizabeth


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