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Tanologist Self Tanner Review

1st image no tanner, 2nd image after 2 hours, 3rd image after sleeping in it/rinsing off the next morning.

It's that time of year when we all come out of our winter hibernations whiter and pastier than ever. Fun fact about me, my first job was at a tanning salon and I used to fake bake almost daily. I cringe now thinking about it and knowing about how much damage I have done to my skin. With that in mind and a couple trips lingering on the horizons, I wanted to get a little color on my body. I mean a little tan just does something for your confidence too- right?

I found myself scrubbing the internet for reviews and honest opinions of affordable and natural looking self tanners. I had never used one before but I knew the one thing I did not want was something that was going to stain my sheets or clothes after application. Because of this that limited my options slightly. I settled on the Tanologist brand. They had great reviews and the mousse is a clear. It goes on clear and dries clear so there is never any color residue that gets anywhere.

I purchased the shade medium in the self tanning mousse along with the shade medium face/body drops and and the application mitt. All items are available online and at a few places like Target and Ulta. This is also the most affordable price that I have seen. It was only $16.99 for a bottle of the mousse and $19.99 for a bottle of the face drops and as retailers have sales on these types of products these are included and eligible for further discounts. I can tell they will both last several applications.

Once purchased, I was a bit intimidated because I didn't want to end up looking silly, splotchy, or orange. As with most self tanners, they encourage you to shave before application which I did. I applied lotion on dry areas like my hands, knees, elbows, and feet. Then I just got to it. I ended up applying the mousse directly onto the mitt and used about 3 pumps of mouse per area of my body (thighs, shins, stomach, arms, chest, etc) I applied in a circular motion. As a newbie, with a clear mousse I was worried I would't be ale to see where I had applied it but it has a sheen and slightly stickiness to it that goes away within a few minutes so I could tell where I had already applied. I added 3 drops to my face moisturizer and applied to my face, neck and ears that way. After full body application I waited to put clothes back on for a couple minutes. I got dressed and carried on with my night. You are supposed to rinse off after 2 hours or more. I slept in mine and rinsed off the next morning. See the images above for reference- the first is no tan, the second is after two hours, the third is after rinsing off!

There was a slight smell to it but it wasn't bad. It just reminded me of my tanning salon days. The color lasted about 6 days so I think I would plan to apply once a week for a consistent color. I was VERY happy with the natural color and did not think it was too much. The only other thing to add which I LOVED is that when it started to wear off it simply faded instead of getting splotchy or flaking off.

Now this is the only self tanner I have ever used so I don't have a lot for comparison, but I was very impressed and really loved my experience with Tanologist Self Tanner and would recommend for someone who is new to the self tanning world.

Hope this is helpful and inspires you to try it if you have been thinking about it for a while! You will love your glow!

Details and Links:

Mousse Target- here

Drops Target- here

Mitt Target- here

Mousse Amazon- here

Drops Amazon- here


Maria Elizabeth.


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