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Valentines Day- gift guide and date night ideas!

Hey all! Valentines day is right around the corner. I know not everyone celebrates this holiday- to be honest my husband and I used to a lot more when we were dating but now not quite as much. We usually get something to make or bring home and eat for dinner and he still usually surprises me with something little (and gets little sweetie Leona something too which I think this is the most precious thing ever).

For those that do celebrate or want a little inspiration to surprise your special someone with this year, check out below for gifts I think are great for anyone!

For Her

Heart sunglasses $12.99 + extra 5% off

Slippers $17.99

Pajamas - $21.99

Candle -$24.95

Perfume -$85 (starting price based on size)

For Him

Massager - $49.95

Yeti -$34.98

Wood watch -$45.99

Cologne -$50 (starting price based on size)

Carhartt hat -$16.99

Airpods -$129.99

**Note: Many prices above are on Amazon, so they fluctuate from time to time.

As for date night ideas this year is going to be tricky with COVID. Many of us are still "quarantining" or somewhat keeping our distance from high traffic spots. That just means that you have to get creative! You don't have to go out and be fancy to enjoy a date night- just enjoy the company of your significant other.

  1. Order food in the shape of a heart and celebrate at home. Most years this is what Keith and I do. We usually get a heart pizza from Papa Murphy's. It is a sweet and simple way to celebrate the holiday without going overboard. I think other places do this too but we are suckers for Papa Murphy's take and bake. Check your local restaurants.

  2. Take a drive. I think it would be so fun to have no destination in mind and see where you end up. Otherwise if you're not quite as adventurous, pick a destination that has meaning to you as a couple (first date location, first kiss location, a location you have hopes about or plans for in the future, where you met, etc). Pack some snacks and beverages and enjoy the time out of the house and your normal routine.

  3. Go ice skating! We have several rink's near us that are outdoors-find one near you. Bundle up and have some fun! Pack a thermos of hot chocolate to enjoy when you are done.

  4. At home wine/beer tasting. Plan ahead and go pick up a handful of your favorite type of beverages that you have yet to try. Have an at home tasting. To amp it up even more, get some snacks that pair well with each new beverage and enjoy those too. For example you could pair different cheeses with different wines, popcorn or pretzels with beers, etc.

  5. Have an at home picnic. Put a blanket out on the floor in a room you normally wouldn't eat in and enjoy a picnic like you would outdoors. Sometimes just a change of scenery can spice up your routine.

  6. Have a bake off at home. Each of you could find a recipe and you can bake them together. See who's turns out better. OR for a more simple approach, make a batch of cookies or cupcakes and have a decorating contest. See who can be the most creative, unique, etc with their decor. Then you can enjoy the treats later (and I'm sure your kiddos would enjoy the leftovers the next day too!).

  7. Have an at home spa night. Prep for this by purchasing some face masks, bath salts, and candles. Throw on your robes and exchange massages. You could even cut up some cucumbers to make it a real spa like experience.

This year because of COVID it is not as easy to go out and do something to celebrate the holiday. Hope these ideas have given you inspiration for a way to celebrate with your cutie! Remember spending quality time is what truly matters. Nothing has to be elaborate and fancy, in fact all of the ideas above are probably under $20!

I hope you all enjoy your Valentines day!


Maria Elizabeth

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Jan 18, 2021


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