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Book Review- "Ugly Love"

You guys are missing out if you have not read Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. It Ends With Us also by Colleen Hoover (see my previous book review here) renewed my love of reading but this book is even better. Is there such a rating above 5 stars, if so I give it that. This is hands down my favorite book I have ever read.

Tate Collins temporarily moves in with her brother Corbin in the middle of a life transition and finds herself night one dealing with Miles who is one of Corbin's best friends (and also neighbor) as he's passed out in the doorway. Like any romance novel this is the start of their journey. This whirlwind that Tate finds herself in with Miles is intimate, sweet, and tender, yet heartbreaking and gut wrenching at the same time. Their story keeps you on your toes wondering if and how their no strings attached arrangement will end up

All the while, there are so many secrets along the way. Tate and Miles keep their arrangement a secret from Corbin in attempts to not rock the boys friendship boat. Miles also is hiding himself and everything about his past from Tate. He early on lays out two rules for her; the first being she is not allowed to ask about his past and the second she is not to expect a future.

This is written so delicately and intertwines Miles sharing his past at the same time Tate is sharing their present day story. Every other chapter up until the end flips back and forth between past and present and the past slowly unfolds so we as the reader can understand Miles reasons for keeping his walls up present day. With several twists and turns along the way this is a story that captivated me and my heart and kept me wanting more.

You know how I know this book was amazing... I read it in two nights. All 324 pages of it. I honestly could not stop. Without giving anything away I absolutely loved the ending too! It almost moved me to happy tears. Again if you have not read, this is a quick easy, captivating must read. Another Colleen Hoover great read.

Let me know your thoughts if you have already loved this one!

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Maria Elizabeth

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