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Encanto Birthday Party

This is a little late to the game here but life has been SO crazy busy 🙃 and if your kiddos are anything like mine, this Encanto obsession is not going anywhere anytime soon!


If you are a parent of children right now, younger children, I don't even think I have to explain the level of obsession my sweet Leona (& P!) has with Encanto. If you know, you know. When it was time to start planning for my babes 5th birthday party I almost didn't even have to ask her what she wanted for her party.. but I did and to no ones surprise she wanted an Encanto themed party!

Again, like I did with P's 1st birthday party (full details here) and 2nd birthday party (full details here) and Leona's 4th birthday party (full details here) I made invitations using Canva. See the final design here:

How fun right!? and it just sets the stage for the party and all the fun that's about to be had.


This one probably doesn't really even need an explanation, right. To no one's surprise we served tacos- because you can't go wrong. If you've read any of my other party posts you know that my hubby is the master cook for our parties as he has a passion for using all outdoor cooking devices including his smoker, grill, and also his new Blackstone griddle. He has his own spin on tacos al pastor that he cooks in his smoker- mmm chefs kiss! Always so yummy.

We also had some really fun butterfly cuties (among other fruit) that I thought were so adorable and perfect for the theme.

Okay and now for the good part- the sweets! I have found so much joy and happiness making the kiddos cakes every year and bringing their visions to life. This is quite possibly my favorite cake to date, yes I say that every single time but I get better with each one I make, and this go around I splurged and got myself a cake decorating kit from Amazon (shop it here!) that made a world of difference. This cake was a three tiered 8 inch cake so I used 2 boxes to make 4 tiers and only used 3. So many fun ideas for future cakes with this kit... Oh and did I mention the cactus chocolate covered pretzels? So stinkin' cute and fun to add to the theme. (Full details and recipe coming soon in a post of its own!)


I think this party, the cake was my favorite piece but usually the decor is where I thrive. I found some really fun pieces on Amazon, where else, that brought the theme to life. I kept it more simple this party because I knew the week before we were just returning home from a long trip. Of course what is a Life With Me party with out some kind of fun, big balloon decor, so we had a large balloon arch that was complete with golden butterflies throughout. I also DIY'd a fun backdrop from Dollar Tree table cloths. Although I loved the way it turned out it was SO time consuming. Worth it- yes, exhausting- also yes. And I completed the decor with some fun flags as also seen on the top of the invitations, again bringing everything together.

I had so many more fun ideas that I wanted. to pull together but coming off the heels of a trip, just getting over being sick, and a sudden change of plans to host well over 40+ people inside due to weather instead of outside as planned, I'm happy with exactly the way it was. (It also left plenty of room for us to inflate the bounce house indoors 🙃🤪 as requested by the birthday girl.

This was the first time we also played games at any of their parties. We purchased the file for Pin The Rat On Bruno on Etsy and it was a hit! I quickly printed it at Walmart and picked it up when I was picking up final food prep.


The star of the show, miss Leona, of course requested a Mirabel dress. Decked out and looking like the cutest Mirabel I've ever seen she was beaming ear to ear getting to play dress up for her party. Porter on the other hand loves Bruno (no, no, no...) I made him this shirt using a file I bought to cut on my Cricut. Turns out toddler licensed shirts are hard to find and not cheap if you do! The cut file to make his was SO good and SO affordable. And of course Mama has to fit the theme. Target released the cutest butterfly graphic tee that when I saw it I had to have and knew it would be the perfect look for our Encanto party fun! (Sorry Keith, I dropped the ball this time for completing the family looks and forgot about your Encanto look)

Outfit Details & Links:

Mirabel dress- Amazon

Bruno shirt Cut File- Etsy

Unisex Adult Size Butterfly Tee- Target

Pin the Rat on Bruno Game- Etsy (not available anymore, bummer!!)

Balloon Arch- Amazon

Mexican Banner- Amazon

Figurines on the Cake- Walmart Mirabel & Isabella

Cake Decorating Kit- Amazon

Table cloths and table wear- Dollar Tree

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Maria Elizabeth

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