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Family Christmas Picture Looks

Hi babes!

Tis the season for all things festive. I don't know about you all but for me I go right from Halloween to Christmas. We host Thanksgiving so I definitely do not forget about that holiday however Christmas magic and sprit just brings me so much happiness. The decorations, the feel in the air, the hustle and bustle as people prepare, the snow, and celebrating with family all bring me so much joy so why not start the spirit early and put those decorations up to enjoy a couple weeks longer than most.

Anyways since this is my favorite holiday of the whole year, it shouldn't surprise you that I also love to put together family picture looks. This season is extra special since so many of us get Christmas family pictures to use for the Christmas cards we send out each year. Again, more fun memories to be made.

I try to do this with every season as it usually is a hit! Check back on my past family picture looks here (Spring 2021 looks) and here (Fall 2021 looks) for more inspiration.

The first look here is actually what we wore in our pictures this year! Our photographer PicsByNic, who always does so amazing with her sets but especially her holiday sets had a new one this year which I was instantly drawn to- an arbor. Sometimes I feel like Christmas photos are hard because they are so beautiful but you can't always hang them on the walls of your home all year long since they are so specific to a season. Anywho- so this year I opted for a more neutral look hoping I can update some frames with current pictures in our home.

These are almost all exact pieces to what we wore for our pictures this year- with the exception of just a few pieces which I got at rummage sales. I think this neutral palette with hints of Christmas-y vibes in the greens and gold are so beautiful.

This second option again is a bit more neutral with blacks and creams but also fun and festive with reds. These could also be more discrete if you are needing a family session you want to be able to hang on your walls all year long. I feel like I want to have another session so we can all wear the styles below too 😉 Oh well there is always next year!

Which of the two looks is your favorite? I am partial to the first since it's what we wore this year personally, but I love them both. I can not wait to share our pictures with you all in just a couple weeks when we get them back!

Wishing you a wonderful start to your holiday season!!

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Maria Elizabeth

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