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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is only about 1 week away! If you have slacked on giving your hubby some ideas for you or need ideas for your own mom here are some Amazon Prime ideas that will all arrive before Mother's Day. We usually do something low key for the day and I get to call the shots 🙂. This year however, I will spend my Mother's Day on the beach with my own Mom. It will be wonderful and I am so looking forward to it. I am sad to miss the day with my own family but I know we will celebrate another day and they are in good hand with their Dada.

Anywho- back to this gift guide. There is something for everyone on this list. From someone who loves to garden, to someone who loves the sentimental gifts, to someone who loves to relax. Nearly all of these items are under $30 too which makes for affordable budget friendly options. I think the journal is so neat as a way to get your Mom's life in writing to have her memories and stories forever.

Yet another idea is any kind of Mama shirts or apparel. Check out my blog post to some of my Amazon favorites here!


Garden tools- $17.99

Mom journal- $15.26

**Note: Prices above are on Amazon, so they fluctuate from time to time.

I hope this gives you inspiration for all the mamas out there that deserve to be spoiled. Remember its about spending time with her though and giving her the thanks and appreciation she so deserves. So even if you can't spend any money on her, see her, spend time with her, and tell her she's doing a great job!


Maria Elizabeth

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