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The Cutest Mama Shirts!

I have been absolutely LOVING the casual look and comfort of any kind of tees recently, including all the beautiful graphic tees. I can't wait for it to start warming up so I don't have to layer them under jackets anymore. I think they are still super cute under jackets but at this point I'm looking at any reason to think about warmer weather. 🙃

These graphic tees are so on trend right now too. They can be dressed up with up with booties and jeans and even a wide brim hat OR down with a cute pair of sneakers, a baseball hat, and leggings. They are versatile and comfortable. What could be better!?

When I was a little kid, all I dreamed of was to have a family and babies of my own. This is truly the life I've always dreamed of, even in the difficult moments. Our littles will always drive us crazy, its their job to, but despite that- I am finding that I love to also embrace the title of Mom more than anything. That's why I am loving the "Mama" graphic tee trend.

So this post is especially for all you fellow Mama's out there- the ones who know the highs and most joyous moments of life along with the deep challenges and struggles! I have rounded up my favorite Amazon Mama tees for you below. Best part.. they are all under $20, except for the pullover that one is $28.

Mama Pocket Tee- here

Madre Tee- here

Mama Rainbow Tee- here

Mama Tie Dye Tee- here

Mama Bear Pullover- here

Outfit Details:

Leggings- Spanx

Boots- Target limited sizing left

Jacket- Target

Necklaces- custom from The Jewelry Center

Tees are pretty much a Mom's uniform...amirite??

Leave a comment below with your favorite. And if you are not already subscribed, remember to subscribe to my blog so you never miss my newest thoughts and projects! 😀


Maria Elizabeth

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I know one Momma who likes this look!

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