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P's Big Boy Room Refresh

Hi All,

This post is so long overdue. It's been so long since I've written much on here but it feels so good to write again. This post was intended to come out quite a while ago but then I sort of revamped a lot of my focus to travel writing. I've also been pregnant with out surrogate baby and the first trimester was hard. Either way I'm back and I want to continue to make this space a lifestyle blog even though I have found my biggest joy in the travel realm. I still want to bring you posts that you all love across a variety of categories.

With this refresh it stemmed from the fact that Porter needed to get out of his crib. I knew I didn't want to completely overhaul his room since I loved the dusty light blue color for him and I had not too long before made him the mountain wall art to hang in his room (see the full tutorial here). My biggest piece to changing this room was needing to find him a big boy bed. We had an extra queen mattress in the basement waiting for this moment so while it might seem crazy to some he went right from a crib to a queen mattress. That's where this process started months back.

I ended up securing him a bed frame that I found on Facebook Marketplace for a smokin deal. I will try to find the exact one as the seller told me it was from Wayfair but I will also link several similar ones below as well. We also naturally got him new bedding to fit his new big boy bed, all of which is from Amazon. And lastly we did get him a new lamp and curtain rod to match his new bed (and his lighting was so dated from our old home) and a new set of acrylic wall mounted book shelves. For these they come in a 6 pack and I mounted them 2 next to each other in 3 rows. Not too many new goodies but enough to make things fresh for his new big boy space.

Once we got his bed in his room and set up we had to rearrange some furniture and wall art from the way it used to be. This alone created a huge refresh too. It always amazed me how you can take pieces that you already have and move them around to give spaces completely different looks.

And just like that the grown up big boy room was complete. Time sure is a thief.

Here is where it started:

This was the most basic nursery but cute none the less and we desperately (and obviously) needed better lighting in his room!

And here is the final product with all of the details and glory:

Funny what a new bed, some new accessories, and 10x improved lighting will do for a space! And most importantly Porter loves it. See the first picture above with his big cheesy smile- that says it all!

Room Detail Links:

Bed (exact)

Similar Bed here (Amazon) and here (Walmart- comes in several other colors!)

Mountain Wall Art- DIY details here

Dresser- Ikea

Floating Shelf- At Home

Floating Shelf (Similar)

Explore Mountain Wall Sign- Hobby Lobby

Fox Chalkboard Wall Art- made with love by Grandma

All other images and pictures hanging in his room have been taken by Keith or I during our travels

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