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Amazon Swim Roundup & Review

First up is this darling scalloped suit! It has sweet scallop details around the top each edge of the bottom. The back also has an adjustable criss cross tie detail. I originally ordered this suit in my true size medium and it was just too tight. I reordered this in a size large and it was a great fit.

It comes in many colors and has good reviews. For only $16 I was a bit skeptical but the details were great.

The material is a waffle type material and the booty coverage is nearly full coverage.

I ended up not keeping this one only because I liked others that I ordered more but I did really really like it.

Next up is this one piece leopard suit. I had really high hopes for this one based on the reviews, price point, and all around first glance at this suit. The current price of this is $19.99 with an extra 10% off.

I got my true size medium in this one as well and it was a good fit. This one like the last also has a criss cross detail in the back that is functional and adjustable. The material is thick wonderful and the coverage is not full but not too cheeky. It also had removable cups.

I will say that for me, the chest fit strange. I wanted to love this one so badly but even after trying to take the cups out and adjusting the straps it just didn't feel great to me. I think mostly being a mom it just wasn't practical because I just felt like chasing babies I would fall out.

This one is a for sure must have. It is SO flattering and versatile. It is under $20 and comes in so many color options. I was nervous about this one a little bit as I looked like the two pieces were rather small and showed a lot of your midsection. However they come much closer together on me.

I also really loved the appeal that this could be a strapless top or with straps. I enjoy wearing strapless tops on trips to the beach to avoid bad tan lines. Either way you wear this though, you feel secure- the girls will not be falling out of this.

I opted for this color and pattern so that I could rewear the high waisted black bottoms with other top that I may already have. The bottoms are not full coverage but only minimally cheeky.

I am almost tempted to order this in several other colors or patterns. It is that good! I ordered my true size medium.

This was the suit that I was most excited about. This one is all over the internet and I get why. It looks so adorable. However, there are a couple things that I want to note about this one.

When it came in the color of it is much more peachy/nude in person that the image. I wished it was more pink like shown.

The other thing I was really hoping for was to be able to wear this strapless. I personally would not be able to wear it strapless as much as I tried to make it work. It was lacking support even though the tie in the front is fully adjustable. I did like it with the straps but I envisioned it without. You know when you get something in your head... yeah it was one of those situations..

The price point on this though is under $15. If you like the way it looks with straps it is a super affordable option for you.

This one piece is another favorite from this order! It came in and I was so pleasantly surprised. The ruffle details carries over the shoulders a bit too giving the back some nice detail too! It has the key hole cut out as well.

It is a great mom suit! I do not feel like I am going to fall out in this chasing babies. But I also feel so good in this if I were to wear it without my babies around. It is nearly full booty coverage too for reference. I ordered my true medium.

It comes in many colors if you don't like this black option. It is one of the more expensive suits in this round up at $26 but it does have an extra 8% off right now making it just over $20.

I can not wait to sport this one all summer long and I can not recommend this one enough.

When I was scouring Amazon, this is one that I came across that I was super intrigued by because I loved the hot pink and vibrant color. I was nervous I couldn't pull off the one shoulder look.

Boy was I wrong. I fell in love with this suit the minute I put it on. I ordered my true size medium however I am going to size up to a large just for a bit more coverage. This suit is a bit more cheeky but I am okay with a little cheeky as long as I am not completely falling out.

The tie detail around the waist makes this so flattering and hides my mom pooch and any insecurities I have about my mid section perfectly. It is not tied in place so you can tie it where and how you choose.

This comes in SO many colors and options and is only $20. It must have been a sign for me to keep this one given I accidentally ordered two of them.😉

Last but not least is this leopard suit that I ordered after the first one (above) did not make the cut. This one is a simple one piece suit with a low cut back and thicker straps.

I did not have very high hopes for this considering there were so many wild pattern options to choose from. While there are wild prints like hairy men's chests and cat tacos, if you sift through those there are some cute options too!

It is super flattering and when I put it on my 3 year old said "wowwwww mom". Kids are so honest so I knew it was good. This was her favorite of the bunch. This one also is a bit cheeky but a good mom suit as nothing else comes close to falling out. I ordered my true size medium and it is only $18.


Scalloped two piece- here

Leopard one piece- here

Smocked two piece- here

Tie front polka dots- here

Black ruffle one piece- here

Hot pink one shoulder- here

White leopard two piece- here


Maria Elizabeth

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