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Back Hall Refresh- DIY

This week I had enough of the shoes constantly laying around the house. I'm not talking about the kiddos shoes, they put those away daily. Its Keith and my shoes that are always everywhere (guilty!). When we first moved in I made a trip to Ikea and bought their wall shoe organizers. To no ones surprise I changed my mind about 18 times and 2 years later they were still not hung or used.

WHY do I do this to myself. I bought them to help manage just this... So I got thinking and got to work. I refreshed our back entry space by adding a rug, these simple and affordable shoe organizers, and a few decor pieces.

Sometimes a space can feel so drab and all it needs is a minor facelift. Something so simple like this can change the whole space. This project I did all by myself too!

All you need is a drill, drill bits, wall anchors, screws, pen/pencil, a hammer, and a level.

  1. Look at your package of anchors/screws and see what size drill bit to use.

  2. Measure and mark where you would like the shoe organizer to go and make sure your markings for the holes are level so that the whole thing ends up level!

  3. Drill the pilot holes with your correct size drill bit.

  4. Put the anchors into the holes- you will likely need a hammer to make them flush.

  5. Hold up the organizer and line up the holes.

  6. Use a screw to drill one side into the anchor- do not tighten all the way just yet.

  7. Repeat on the other side. Again ensure it is level before tightening up the screws.

  8. Repeat with the second compartment of the shoe organizer.

Bam in about 10 minutes these were hung and I found some decor pieces that were laying around not being used. I likely will change up the decor at some point as I find pieces I love but for now what a transformation! I am a happy happy girl to not have shoes piled up by our back

Next up, buying lightbulbs that do not omit yellow tints on everything 😉.


Frame: Ikea

Print: Local Artist but similar here

Shoe Organizer: Ikea

Rug: At Home (can't link) similar here

Key Bowl: Target old

Metal Pitcher: Hobby Lobby (can't link) similar here


Maria Elizabeth

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20 квіт. 2021 р.

Love this and really like the artwork above the shoe bin!

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