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Bow Holder- DIY Macrame

The more hair bows we collect for Leona the more I wonder about how to store them. She has quite the collection going on. For Christmas Keith and I got her a new duvet cover so I've been wanting to do a mini room revamp for her. In looking at rooms and ideas on Pinterest, I found some adorable woven/macrame bow holders. I found a piece I loved and since I am the ultimate DIY'er I decided to make a version of it. I had some cord/string here from a previous project that I decided to use but if there was one thing I would change about the project overall it would be to get thicker cord.

For this project you will need only 3 things.

  1. a dowel

  2. cord/string of your choosing (I used Lily Sugar'n Cream Yarn)

  3. a scissors

To start. I cut my dowel down to size, I cut mine to 18" long. Next I used a piece of the string to tie a hanger on. Knot it on one side, wrap the two cords the other way and double knot tight. Cut the excess cord.

Next I cut my pieces. I decided since my cord was thinner I was going to double up an in place of 1 cord I would use two. This In the end didn't make the biggest difference I don't think. For each diamond, you need 5 cords, but since I doubled up I used 10. The middle ones I cut 86" each, and the 20 for the sides I cut to 66" each. Then tie the cords onto your dowel using a Lark's Head knot. I only tied the cords for 1 diamond on at a time.

Now to tie. I YouTubed a pattern I liked (watch the video here) and followed that. I was pretty simple. I used all Double Half Hitch knots for the remaining piece. Start in the middle and split your cords in half. Take the cord in the middle and tie Double Half Hitch knots onto it with each of the strings on that side. Then repeat on the other side.

Again, we will be working in halves to fill in the middle. Take the second cord from the middle and tie your knots onto it using the middle cord. Then take the third cord from the middle and tie 2 knots onto it, one from each of the cords towards the middle. Then take the fourth cord from the middle and tie 3 knots onto it, again one from each of the cords towards the middle. Repeat on the other side. If this makes no sense, watch the video. It is not hard to do, just a bit hard to explain.

I repeated this two more times for both the other diamonds. At the end, you will end up with three diamonds. I am happy with the way this looked but if you want you can add more diamonds or complete other patterns to fill in the rest of your piece. For me I wanted the unfinished part of the yarn at the bottom to be long since I was going to use this as a bow organizer/hanger.

My last steps I did was trim the cords into a V shape with the longest being in the middle (this i why I made the middle diamond's cords longer). And lastly distressed the yarn by unwinding each piece. I used another craft tool I had for this part but anything with a point, even a toothpick will do! To do this, I put the sharp end into each piece of yarn at the top (see image below) then pulled all the way down to unwind/un-spin each strand of yarn. This made it fuller and added more visual flair to the bottom of it where the bows will hang!

And viola! It definitely is not perfect, but thats part of the appeal of a DIY to me. It never turns out perfect and the unique one of a kind aspect gives it a nice flair. I am very happy with the way this turned out but again, this imperfect look might not be for everyone. There are tons of other knots and patterns you can try too!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY and as always if you attempt it, I would love to see your take on it! Add them to the comment box below or tag me in them on Instagram @mariakemnitz


Maria Elizabeth

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