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My Winter Must Have Items

This weekend and upcoming week will be the coldest weather we have had yet this season. With temps dipping down into the negatives with windchills that far surpass that it makes me really stop to think about when I should and have to go out. I am born and raised in Wisconsin so cold weather and lots of snow is nothing new to me. In the last couple years however, especially since becoming a mom there are things that I just can not live without.

See the list below for my top winter must have items:

  1. A long, down jacket. I really like the longer style coat for winter because they cover more and keep more warmth in. During the really frigid days it is nice to not have to worry about too much of your body being exposed to the elements. I also really prefer a down coat well because they are just warmer. My personal preference is for less bulk so I really love the down packable style because there isn't much to them but the down that they are filled with keep me warm and toasty.

  2. Boots, boots boots. Waterproof and warm boots are a must. I would say my Sperry duck boots my Ugg boots are my top two. In the snow I love the duck boots because they are waterproof and have some traction on them. They are not overly warm though so I always like to pair them with a pair of warm socks. I steal mine from my hubby (sorry babe!) but he has the best tall wool socks since he works in a garage all year round. My Ugg boots are just warm and perfectly cozy. Of course I have a million other pairs but these are my go to's on days where its snowy and freezing.

  3. Sweaters! There are never enough sweaters to wear during these cold winter months. I love a sweater to keep you warm inside but it adds a really nice layer of warmth when you add your jacket on top. Sweaters are so versatile too and can always be dressed up or down depending on what you are doing for the day.

  4. A good hat (or two, or three...). This one you have seen me rant about before and it is new to me this year. I have always hated hats and beanies but in the last couple years since becoming a mom I am always reminded when I leave the house without one on by Leona saying "mom you forgot your hat". I guess when you make your kiddos wear them they expect you to as well! 😉 I have really grown to love them as an accessory to outfits AND love that they really do keep you warm. My dad used to always tell me growing up "head warm, body warm" which he heard from his travels. I thought it was so goofy but so much heat escapes you through your head.

  5. Other warm accessories. Mittens, gloves, scarves, earmuffs... When its especially cold like its been the last couple days, I always have a scarf and mittens or gloves on as well! They can make a fun statement too if you go with ones that have some color!

That's it! Layer, layer, layer. And if you have to go out in below zero temps just make sure that you have all of these items and you will be good to go! I found myself outside this last weekend thinking, this isn't THAT bad- until the wind came. Then I asked myself why I live in Wisconsin still. HA!

Outfit Details

Sweater- The Loft limited sizing and colors left

Jacket- old from G.H. Bass & Co.

Jacket Similar- Amazon and Patagonia

Leggings- Amazon

Boots- Sperry

Hat- Walmart (cheaper in store for some colors!)


Maria Elizabeth


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