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New Years Eve- Casual Looks for a Night In from Amazon

If you are anything like me who doesn't like to go out on New Years Eve these looks are right up your alley. These options are all under $30 and perfect for a causal night in. I still like to dress festive for the holidays so this is the perfect solution. How cute are all the subtle sequins? Either sweater would look ADORABLE with these amazing and festive sequin leggings. And both of those earrings... I mean come on!

My whole life we have pretty much always stayed in for the holiday and I love it. Games, drinks with friends, and good food a plenty, there's not much more a gal could ask for. After having kiddos we usually do a fake Netflix or Youtube countdown so that they can enjoy the holiday do a quick toast with them and their sparkling juice and then send their booties to bed. It's a win win for everyone.

This year will probably be no different. Likely we will enjoy the night with some friends, food and drinks and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be in some comfies. If you are still in need of a look, check out these prime options that will all arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Crazy to think this year is already coming to a close! Cheers to a New Year friends.

As always, shop all my looks through the affiliate links on my LTK account here!

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Maria Elizabeth

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