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Powder Room Makeover- DIY

This was a fun one! The new powder room is probably one of my favorite rooms in the whole house because it is the most styled and put together. This project has been "nearly" done for quite some time, in fact it was a quarantine project of mine. But I just put the finishing touches on it in the last couple weeks. I remember wanting to do something, ANYTHING, while we were all strictly locked down but not having any supplies to start my long list of projects. Keith being the sweet hubby that he is (and still working out of the house) offered to go to Menards and get my paint and supplies. I felt almost guilty for making him take a "non essential" trip out of the house.

Anywho... This half bath started out dark and dull. The walls were a tired and dirty green color and there was not nearly enough light in this room. After some research and wanting to do this pattern on the wall behind the toilet I was ready to roll my sleeves up and get started. I gathered all my supplies and got to work making my vision come to life. Of course the paint was the easy part. After the strict quarantine was over, I ventured out to grab the shelves and things to style them with. Then a couple weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger on buying some black accessories. This project really has taken quite some time but as I said- I really love the way it turned out.

First things first, more light! I found new fan grille that was compatible with our existing fan housing that has an integrated light. Pretty cool right? This was the easiest part of the whole project. The old grille popped off and inside the fan housing was a plug. The new grille plugged into said plug and popped back into place. Easy peasy! This made a HUGE impact immediately and it made painting the room so much easier.

Next I recruited Keith who is much more handy that I am to help with replacing the vanity light. This ended up being more of a project than we both bargained for as there was no electrical junction box in the wall. For those that don't know, there has to be a box in the wall behind or above light fixtures to house the wires. Long story short, he was able to retrofit a thin pancake box in place and then hang the light. Again, HUGE impact.

Then it was time for paint. I painted the entire room the color "Tender Cloud" by Dutch Boy. We purchased this at Menards. After that was complete it was time to do the stencil on the back wall. I have a Cricut and was able to make my own stencil for the wall however my inspiration came from an Etsy shop that I found so I will link that stencil below for you guys!

The most important part of the whole stencil project is making sure that you line it up correctly the for the very first placement. I used a level and made sure that the pattern would fit in an appealing way before actually starting. I used painters tape at the top of the stencil to hold it in place and also kept my left hand on it to ensure it didn't slip around. (For reference- I started in the upper left hand corner of my wall. I'm not sure this is overly important but sharing in case you find it helpful). Then, I got to work using a Sharpie Paint Marker to fill in the stencil. I found that the more I tried to be precise the more it seemed to not work. I found just pushing the marker down and quickly moving through the opening on the stencil was enough. It wasn't important to make sure that each line was filled in perfectly within the stencil. Then I just continued to move the stencil, lining it up nicely and filling in the stencil fully in each new placement. I repeated this all the way across and down the wall. It surprisingly went super fast!

This room was already leaps and bounds better that where it started. The last things we did were hang the shelves (which are from Hobby Lobby) and the new vanity mirror (which was from Macy's) and style the shelves. I also replaced the towel bar and the toilet paper holder with black ones to match the vanity light and shelves.

I would LOVE to replace the top of the vanity and faucet but it just isn't in the cards right now. Maybe soon I'll be able to convince Keith to go for it 😉 but for now this project is a wrap. It is now a bright space that feels put together. I really love the way this one turned out!

Check out the before and after shots here:

Details and Links

Paint Color- Tender Cloud by Dutch Boy

Sharpie Paint Marker- Michaels

Stencil- Made same one available on Etsy

Shelves- Hobby Lobby **Note this is a set with 2 different sizes. You can buy these individually in store

Mirror- Macy's

Vanity Light- Lowe's

Fan Grille with integrated light- Home Depot

Faux Plant (on the shelf)- Ikea and pot- Ikea

Flush Sign- Hobby Lobby

Faux Plant (on vanity)- Hobby Lobby

Restroom Sign- Meijer but similar here

Hand Towel- Meijer

Towel Ring & TP Holder- Amazon

This one was so fun and I am so happy with the way it turned out. Thanks for reading!


Maria Elizabeth

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