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Sandal Roundup for Spring & Summer

Here is a roundup of my top sandal picks for Spring and Summer 2021! These are all super affordable and on trend. You know I'm all about the affordable fashion finds over splurging on items BUT with that being said I think shoes are the one thing I am willing to spend a little bit more on. Regardless most of these are under $15!

I am absolutely loving the studded and quilted sandal trends that are happening right now. And if you don't know about my love for leopard by now, will you ever learn 🤪. I think a good wedge can add so much to an outfit and I especially love an espadrille wedge. Lastly, I know the Birkenstocks are not super fashionable or trendy but I love love love them. They are a bit of a splurge but for their comfort they are a worth it and such great sandal.

These are from Walmart and just under $15. They also come in white which would be super cute as well! I've shared some outfits with these already wearing pants but I think they are adorable with a dress too! They are comfortable too since they have a memory foam sole. Linked here!

These sandals are Walmart's dupe of the super popular Steve Madden Travel Sandal. These are an amazing dupe. I would say the only thing that is different are the small studs that the Steve Madden ones have where these have stitching. Either way, I would WAY rather have this pair since they are only $13 instead of $70! These also come in black and white from Walmart and will be great with EVERYTHING this Spring and Summer. Linked here!

These are an amazing black espadrille wedges that make any outfit a bit more dressed up. I have even worn these with shorts and they are super cute! They are not too high and the perfect lift for us short gals! These exact Dolce Vita Shaylas are still available at DSW in other colors (no longer in the black) and are around $40. Linked here! I also found a close dupe here!

My love for leopard print runs deep. These knotted slide sandals are AMAZING. I found these on end of season clearance last year at Old Navy so these exact ones are not available but I have found a close look and they are under $16. Linked here!

These were such a random find a couple years back I believe from Boston Store when they were going out of business. These are a plastic material so they are great pool shoes or great if there is rain in the forecast. I was worries about how the plastic would rub on my feet but they are comfortable even with wet feet. Similar ones linked here and here! There are lots of colors and varieties under the same links!

Last are these Birkenstock sandals. These were my most worn pair of sandals last year and especially 2 years ago since I was pregnant. These had enough support and comfort for my big ole pregnant self to wear them around Austin while Keith and I were there. They are a splurge but worth every penny in my mind. They go great with a casual outfit like shorts and a graphic top for running errands. Linked here!

Which is your favorite??


Maria Elizabeth

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