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Styling White Sneakers- Everyday Looks

Hope you are are all enjoying the start to the New Year! We have gotten quite a bit of snow over the last couple of days here in Wisconsin and I must say it is beautiful! I wish it would have arrived about 1 week earlier in time for Christmas though!

Anywho- does anyone else feel like a good pair of sneakers (or five) is a must for your wardrobe!? I feel like recently these white sneakers have become my staple must-have casual shoe. I am a sucker for a good pair of sneakers because- well- mom life! These (or any) white sneakers are so fun to style because you can mix and match pieces to create so many different every day looks.

While it currently is winter here and many of these looks are more wintery, you could easily transition these to fall or spring by swapping some of these pieces out with similar alternate items (shorter sleeved tops, ditch the scarf, etc) for very similar looks!

Some of these pieces are older from my closet but most are staple items that you likely already have. As always I will link everything I can below each picture and I hope that regardless, these looks can provide you with some inspiration for year round white sneaker wearing!

1. Black on black

Outfit Details:

Sweater: Gap (old)

Jeans: Old Navy

2. White tee, jean jacket, leggings, & a blanket scarf

Outfit details:

Tee: Target

Denim Jacket: Gap (old)

Leggings: Ann Taylor

Scarf: Target (old)

3. Colorful tee with distressed denim jeans

Outfit Details:

Top: Kohls

Jeans: Old Navy (sold out)

4. Sherpa with distressed black jeans

Outfit Details:

Sherpa: Kohls

Jeans:Old Navy

Outfit details:

Hope you can find inspiration from these looks. With these or any white sneakers the possibilities are endless!


Maria Elizabeth


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