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Sweater and jeans OOTD

This winter season has been all about sweaters for me. I mean if I'm not in pajamas or comfys that is! Sweaters are perfect for the winter time because they are warm and cozy and not too restricting. I absolutely hate being cold- maybe even more than being too hot. The mock neck sweaters are perfect because they have all the warmth of a turtleneck without all the bulk.

The best part about sweater weather is you can dress them up or down! I think a cute pair of jeans and booties like I have on here makes the perfect outfit for getting out of the house (whatever that looks like for you this year). You can easily dress a sweater like this down though with a pair of leggings too. The warmth and versatility of sweaters is a hit in my world.

We have had a surprisingly decent winter here in Wisconsin this year. Not too much snow and it hasn't been terribly cold (yet)! Even so, theres something that still feels cold in my bones. Maybe its the lack of sun or maybe its just the reality that is not summer. Either way, I'll be living in sweaters, jeans, and booties until the weather starts to warm up again!

Outfit Details

Sweater- old

Sweater (almost identical)- Express

Jeans- Old Navy

Booties- Kohls

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