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Full Bathroom Makeover

When we moved into our house everything was painted a yellow or brown. It all looked so dark, dated, and dreary. Not to mention it wasn't our style. We generally skew more toward the whites, grays, and blues. This one was on my list to tackle for a while but it just never got started.

We do not have a master bathroom in our home. This bathroom is the only one on the second level. The kids and I share it and Keith generally uses the other full bathroom in the basement. Because of that I wanted something that wasn't too kiddy or something too sophisticated. L picked out the print of the cow and she even started to say bye to the cow when we leave our house!

I knew it wasn't going to take much to turn this one around. I decided early on in the process that as much as I dislike the mirrors and know different lighting would make this transformation even greater, I wanted to keep this makeover as budget friendly as possible- thus they stayed... for now. Maybe somewhere down the line I will change those out but for now the are okay. I would love to add round black mirrors to this space and some black light fixtures. A girl can dream right.

This makeover/redo consisted mostly of paint Ah the power of paint!! So many people forget what a simple coat of paint can to do a room or piece. This room was no different. It is an awkwardly large space but somehow before felt closed in and dark. Now it feels much brighter, much more like a space I enjoy, and more tranquil. Keep reading to see the transformation. The color I used was the same as the color I used in our first floor powder room (Tender Cloud by Dutch Boy)- see that transformation here.

Not pictured are the other two floral prints that will be hanging on the wall by the door when you walk in. Full disclosure, while the Dollar Tree frames are inexpensive you get what you pay for. Two of them broke in the process of hanging them so I need to return and get two more. I would probably just buy a nicer 6 pack of frames from Target or Walmart if I had to do that part over.

Additionally where the silver towel bar used to be (above the new plant) there is going to be some kind of artwork. I have been looking and looking and looking and nothing is speaking to me. I'm thinking something long/rectangular. L has been asking for a "so fresh and so clean, clean" sign so maybe I'll get something along those lines to please the people. 🤪

Details and Links

Paint Color- Tender Cloud by Dutch Boy

Floral Prints- Amazon

Black Frames- Dollar Tree

Similar frames- here

Towel/Blanket Ladder- Hobby Lobby

Similar Towel Ladder- Kirklands

Plant Stand- Walmart

30" Artificial Fiddle Fig- Amazon

Cow Print- TJ Maxx or Walmart

Tray- Target Dollar Spot

Tray similar- here

Jars- Hobby Lobby

Jars similar- here

Rug- World Market(old)

Rug similar- here and here

I am so happy with the way it turned out- more to come I'm sure though. Is a project ever really full done?? Thanks for reading!

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Maria Elizabeth

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